triple || in a sentence

The enemy had triple our numbers.

He is sure to set a new record in the triple jump.

Her father died during a difficult triple bypass operation.

Experts say that global energy demand is expected to triple by mid-century.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the world population has more than tripled.

Mary Kay Blakely once suggested that divorce is the psychological equivalent of a triple coronary bypass.

Before he retired, Chinese leader Jiang Zemin bragged that China had nearly tripled its GDP during his 13 years in power.

Since the implementation of the NAFTA agreement in 1994, Mexico’s trade with Canada and the U.S. has tripled.

He had more nerves before his first triple-A game, Asche said.

triplett was issued a $150,000 cash only bond and remains in custody.

He completed the cycle with a triple to center leading off the ninth.

It took 37 years, but a horse has finally won the triple Crown again.

The triple-drug cocktail stops the infection from progressing to AIDS.

Third baseman Matt Duffy tripled home the first two runs in the inning.

The cost of switching to CFLs or LEDs can be double or triple the cost.

NFL promises triple refunds for the $800.00 ticket for all 1250 people.

Only, in this case, it’s not doubled; it’s tripled, quadrupled, and on.

The crash threw 19-year-old Zachary triplett of Harrisburg from the van.

Seattle Slew his undefeated overall mark (9-0) through his triple Crown.

triple Crown winners 11 photos War Admiral won the triple Crown in 1937.

Recovery Day Calgary has tripled in size since it started two years ago.

Lagares tripled to make it 4-1 and scored on Curtis Granderson’s double.

Identical triplets also were born Dec. 5 to a woman in Billings, Montana.

For Baffert, he’ll be making an unprecedented fourth attempt at a triple.