trapeze in a sentence

I think (the trapeze) really ties it all in. (It) really makes the park a more destination kind of park, which is what we want.”

He introduced an A-line coat ten years before Yves Saint Laurent, who had just taken over at Dior, made headlines with the trapeze dress.

He’s captured trapeze artists in motion, snake charmers in Morocco, bullfighters in Spain, and daredevil motorcycle racers on the streets of Chicago.

In a force 3 the 4000 will plane and the crew will make full use of the trapeze wire.

Murdered his wife in order to marry his lover, circus trapeze artist Zelda the Great.

He is a member of circus troupe of seven years and is a leader of a flying trapeze team.

In 1999, Glenn Hughes (of trapeze and formerly of Deep Purple ), did a 4-5 city tribute tour in Texas.

Origin Dhruva is the son of Jupitar Circus trapeze artist Shyam (Father, deceased) and Radha (Mother, deceased).

Though Sora is a fairly talented performer, there are often huge gaps in her ability, especially on the trapeze.

Trevor Bolder left the group to rejoin Uriah Heep in 1983, to be replaced by bassist/vocalist Mervyn Spence (ex- trapeze ).

The Flying trapeze The Flying trapeze is a form of sport and recreation that helps develop one’s mind, body and coordination.