transportation in a sentence

I know you can rely on him for transportation.

The public transportation system runs like clockwork.

A massive flood paralyzed the local transportation network.

transportation workers staged a walkout to protest pay cuts.

Water is the main medium of transportation within our bodies.

The massive flood paralyzed the local transportation network.

The fastest mode of transportation in London is the Underground.

In the desert, camels are more important than cars for transportation.

Statistically, travelling by air is the safest means of transportation.

I’d like to settle the transportation arrangements before I leave.

Boston recently hosted an important conference on urban transportation.

Railways are the most reliable form of commercial transportation in Uganda.

Our monthly income has to cover food, rent, clothing, transportation, and so on.

A mother orangutan is the provider of food, warmth, and transportation for her baby.

The government has created a task force to look at transportation alternatives.

Discussion question: How do you think transportation will be different 20 years from now? trap
Because of modern communication and transportation systems, the world is getting smaller.

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation for students at the University of Victoria.

I reckon on the tournament costing us about $300 for our hotel, food, and transportation.

Public transportation in Barcelona is provided by buses, subways, railways and cable cars.

Today, automobiles have taken the place of horses as the principal means of transportation.

All forms of public transportation are on strike today, so you’d better get out your bicycles.

In 1948, the Soviet Union blockaded all transportation routes between Berlin and West Germany.

The Toyo Hotel has a free transportation service from the airport to the hotel for their guests.

The country’s poor transportation infrastructure is hindering development of the export industry.

Bus fares in Cuba are very cheap, so many people use the bus as their main form of transportation.

The photographs have been organized into thematic groups, such as animals, love, and transportation.