transformer in a sentence

Strydonck said he hasn’t given up trying to get the transformer moved.

Police believe the noise may have come from a nearby transformer that blew.

An electricity transformer explosion has triggered fears of a terrorist attack.

It was just the noise from a transformer blowing and knocking the power out, Polk said.

He said crews have been out to see the transformer and talk with Strydonck about options.

This appears to be old transformer that blew knocking out power to big area of midtown Toronto.

If a set has no transformer, it is not line isolated.

The output transformer in the block diagram serves this purpose.

Thus, the steam turbine generator and the transformer form one unit.

Splitting out Single phase polemount stepdown transformer (Canadian).

The welding electrodes are part of the transformer‘s secondary circuit.

The magnetic material may be “air”, but it is a transmission line transformer.

They simply require more cable length and some different transformer characteristics.

These could be run from a mains transformer or, in the case of the E15R, a 12V car battery.

Darlington gives an equivalent transform that can eliminate an ideal transformer altogether.

Each service site needs a rewirable drop out fuse for protection and switching of the transformer.

In the US, it is common for a small transformer hung from a utility pole to service a single house.

Each speaker in the system has a step-down transformer to convert the voltage back to a usable level.

Vacuum interrupters; For the switching of very high voltages in transformer stations sparks should be avoided.

For example, under certain conditions a large power grid can collapse after the failure of a single transformer.

The insulation of the transformer windings must be specially designed to withstand a large DC potential to earth.

The most frequent application is in transformer circuits, with further uses in motor circuits and capacitor banks.

For the first time in German locomotives high voltage regulation of the transformer was used in serial production.