training group in a sentence

Subjects were randomly divided into 2 different training groups .

The imagery training group participated in five visualization activities.

Each training group consisted of 25 female and male youth participants.

Naturally this caused conflict within working dog training groups around Australia.

There had been an active training group for a few years.

Farmers and growers were encouraged to form or join training groups .

At the same time, engaged in maritime training groups .

Are you officially a member of their training group ?

This group has been named the 602d training group .

His training group returned to Markersdorf in February 1941.

A joint training group should be established to improve and promote staff training.

The 86th Navigation training group was activated on 10 June 1942.

Facilitating training groups : A guide to leadership and verbal intervention skills.

Check our list of instructors and training groups for one nearest you.

Each of these training groups represents the best of breed in corporate universities.

Love the marathon training group and Mark Lorenzoni for his great insights.

Young prop Michael Kainga steps up from the Chiefs wider training group .

In 1981 D-M welcomed the 868th Tactical Missile training group .

These courses are jointly planned by the College and the residents’ training groups .

There were probably 10 guys in our training group that were sub four-minute milers .

Her initial training was conducted with the Fleet training group , San Diego.

And, indeed, from this agricultural training group , many heroes and fighters arose.

While in Tucson, his training group produced three NCAA champions and 21 All-Americans.

The imagery training group‘s writings demonstrated an increase in creativity and independent, divergent thinking.

He agreed that some training groups might pull out but others would take their place.