torrential in a sentence

CBC meteorologist Kalin Mitchell says several dozen new daily rainfall records were set across the Maritimes by the torrential rain.

Only 20 minutes after the first group teed off, play was suspended for almost an hour because of torrential rain in Louisville, Kentucky.

Rain could have been a factor Baier said he received some information that last night’s torrential rain may have played a possible factor.

Forecasters say torrential downpours could bring up to 30mm of rain in an hour – as well as frequent lightning, large hail and strong gusts.

The storm caused torrential rainfall, resulting in extreme river flooding.

The hydrographic system is made up of the short watercourses of a torrential kind.

Most of the damage and deaths occurred due to the torrential rain the storm caused.

The game was abandoned after 36 minutes due to torrential rain, with a 0-0 scoreline.

The weather was bad (torrential rain and 6″ of mud), but 80,000 fans turned up anyway.

On the northern end of the tornado’s path, there was a mixture of torrential rain and large hail.

Marianne cannot resist going to see his estate and walks five miles in a torrential rain to do so.

Generally, rainfall takes the form of showers or localized torrential rains and is extremely variable.

Round 8 was held in torrential rain, with the first three laps run behind the safety car at slow speed.

Although torrential rains exceeding in (0 mm) fell in nearby Honduras, only in (0 mm) fell in the country.

torrential rains on May 10 had also caused flooding in parts of southern Missouri as well as in eastern Kansas.

Kai-tak dissipated on the 11th over the Yellow Sea, after causing torrential flooding resulting in 188 fatalities.

While crossing Puerto Rico, Isabel dropped torrential rainfall, causing mudslides, flash flooding, and 180 casualties.

The game was delayed 30min (and close to abandoned) after a torrential rainstorm hit Brisbane Stadium prior to the match.

Though torrential rain over the preceding week had turned the site into a quagmire the day itself dawned bright, hot and sunny.

Within the gorge, the river is characterized by alternating pools and rapids with torrential water, boulders and exposed bedrock.

350564 As the storm proceeded towards the west, it likely dropped torrential rainfall throughout eastern and southern Hispaniola.