Torpor in a sentence

Use Torpor in a sentence

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Meaning: [noun]being not active due to being lazy or sleepy;

The men start out eating greedily, but then settle into a satiated torpor.

Many animals survive cold frosty nights through torpor, a short-term temporary drop in body temperature.

Torpor reduces the amount of food intake.

Torpor enables hummingbirds to tolerate some cool temperatures.

The animal may even become immobile and unresponsive due to torpor.

Japan took full advantage of Spain’s first-match torpor and numerical disadvantage.

In winter, individuals may go into shallow torpor daily to reduce heat loss.

Many people have succumbed to torpor after a week’s heavy hard working in hot weather.

In autumn and winter bears show periods of torpor or deep hibernation.

This allows them to remain in torpor longer, and to conserve metabolic resources.