Torpid in a sentence

Use Torpid in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] inactive; lazy; stagnant ;

Even when he was awake he was completely torpid.

In front of him the torpid lizards stirred in their cage on the picture box.

His feeding frenzy exhausted, he was torpid , unable to pay attention to the rat in her maze.

The precious governor had a torpid mind.

And with that he collapsed into a pile of snakes, torpid and tangled.

It was hot and sultry as they played, and in the torpid silence of that long afternoon their faces glistened with sweat.

A hot, torpid island breeze wafted through the front hall of the Cormier mansion.

The evening was thick and torpid, and everyone wore T-shirts, white or gray.

The air was frigid. The torpid alligators had their snouts frozen in films of ice.

They saw a python, large and torpid.

But with gadgets and TVs threatened by the torpid economy, can it continue its scorching growth?