took ages in a sentence

Each visit to the toilet took ages .

It took ages to programme but it was worth every second.

It took ages to believe that she was actually here.

It took ages to get the ball.

You know, it took ages to digest!

Coffee was not warm enough and took ages to arrive also.

The videos took ages to load and tended to be long.

It took ages to plan and write this instructable .

Whatever, it still took ages to put it on.

It took ages for me to cool down after this run.

It seemed like it took ages for medical attention to reach her.

It took ages before he twigged.

Unfortunately, for Amon Amarth the set-up took ages .

I had adored my father and I took ages to get over it.

Nevertheless, Bea and I both took ages to find something we liked.

It took ages to cross the line with the Pegasus players frozen in disbelief.

But fortunately the traffic was heavy and it took ages to reach Bethnal Green.

The letters took ages but somehow Rebecca didn’t find it so difficult this time.

The journey to the Theme Park took ages but the Brownies didn’t mind.