Tome in a sentence

Use Tome in a sentence

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Meaning: [noun] a large and heavy book;

He succeeded in compressing 24 tomes of papers into seven compact volumes.

All four books are contained within this massive tome of over 800 pages!

The tomes were published between 1966 and 1971.

He has written four tomes of military history, acclaimed by some historians.

It is a tome written by Philip of Navarre in 1520, a Spanish friar of 16th Century.

The Health and the Social Care Act (2012) is a massive tome.

This massive tome comes with a discreet black cover that would look good on any coffee table.

Of course, that’s only a fifth or so of the total 1000+ pages of this massive tome.

The people who love dictionaries like to present these massive tomes as an unquestionable authority , just slightly less than holy.

Similar to the Great Bible, this massive tome was sixteen inches in height, and was made available to all Church of England pulpits.