Titter in a sentence

Use Titter in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] to laugh quietly in a high voice;

As John read the letter in tears, some students tittered, which made the teacher angry.

The crowd tittered when the speaker pronounce the word wrongly.

The boys standing in the doorway tittered.

He turned and walked away, toward his tittering teammates.

Lambert tittered, then laughed aloud.

Triarch and Duarch break into a weird tittering laugh.

There was a nervous titter — one of many — in the courtroom.

Richard was so exhausted with cold and emotion that his laugh came out as a foolish titter.

The tittering started during the first five minutes of the piece, and grew.

Observing his manner, the entire group tittered.

“Jones, what if I get an answer about something that I don’t want to change? ” The old man tittered and replied,” The question wasn’t about you in the first place.