tissue in a sentence

The discarded lines abrade coral polyps and upper tissue layers.

Do you have a tissue? I need to blow my nose.

Do you have a tissue handy? My nose is running.

The tissue of our brain is incapable of feeling any pain.

Scientists tell us that our hair is made up of dead tissue.

Find someone who usually leaves a tip at restaurants.

Cholesterol is found in the fat, tissue and blood of all animals.

His leg was badly broken, and the surrounding tissue badly damaged.

As the cut on my leg healed, scar tissue began to form on the wound.

As the cut on my leg healed, scar tissue began to form over the wound.

The old woman pulled a tissue out of her purse, and wiped away a tear.

The jellyfish can regrow small amounts of tissue that have been damaged.

The store wrapped the wine glasses in tissue paper, and packed them in a box.

Doctors had to cut away some infected tissue to keep the disease from spreading.

She moistened a tissue with a bit of water and used it to clean the dirt off her hands.

Jello-O is made from partially decomposed cow and pig hides, hooves, bones, and connective tissue.

The children looked at a piece of tissue paper under a microscope to see the fibers running through it.

After injuring his shoulder repeatedly, scar tissue built up, limiting the movement of his arm somewhat.

One individual organ transplant donor can provide organs, bone, and tissue for 50 or more people in need.

From the viewpoint of tissue culture, the environment for this experiment should be more rigidly defined.

Different kinds of tissue working together in the same place may form an organ, such as the heart or brain.

Pain is a reaction which the body produces in response to any stimulus intense enough to cause tissue damage.

Stephen Leacock once said that life, we learn too late, is in the living, the tissue of every day and hour.

Scientists tell us that the brain gets its intelligence from a surface layer of tissue no more than a centimeter thick.

He didn’t break his leg when he fell out of the tree, but he did some serious damage to the tissue around the bones in his ankle.