Tirade in a sentence

Use Tirade in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] a long angry speech;

Smith went on a Twitter tirade and released 24 video statements about it on YouTube.

He launched into a tirade against the people who are unaware of the facts.

No one expected to face a tirade of abuse before coming here.

In a lengthy tirade, he also laments the legal difficulties he says his ex-wife, Jenny Sanford, continues to cause him.

But he then promptly followed up with a Twitter tirade downplaying his rival’s accomplishments.

Similar calls have also been received from Christian Bale ” after his tirade.

She alleges Gibson’s tirade ended when his partner, 24-year-old US equestrian vaulter Rosalind Ross, intervened.

That’s how writer and director Gary Turk starts his poetic tirade against technology, “Look Up.”

A shirtless jogger in the Toronto municipality of East York confronted Ford with an angry tirade.