Timorous in a sentence

Use Timorous in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]getting afraid easily, cowardly, fearful;

But beneath the surface, he’s a timorous man, deathly afraid of his sharp-tongued wife.

He tried to sound brave, but his voice came timorous and thin.

If you feel timorous about any of the above guidelines, leave blogging alone.

Bashful and timorous , I stole into the room and skulked into a corner.

Returning with the ladder, he set it in a timorous balance against the wall.

For all her aggressive behavior, Rosina had a timorous streak in her personality.

Feeling like a timorous idiot, she went back to the kitchen for a sharp knife, then gingerly opened each downstairs closet and invited the little terrier to have a look inside.

I can see the horses and even the timorous harvest mice scurrying through a forest of stubble.

Sunrise and sundown are the times when the timorous take every precaution lest they he caught unawares.