thus far || in a sentence

I owe it entirely to him that I have thus far succeeded.

thus far, we have over 400 students registered in our language program.

Despite the severity of the storm, there have been no deaths reported thus far.

Tracy is grateful for the support her campaign has received thus far.

Iran’s death toll of 465 is the highest announced by any country thus far.

thus far research is showing that those fake sugars are really bad for you.

Washington’s balancing act between Turkey and the Kurds has worked thus far.

thus far, Europe has responded to the crisis with organized irresponsibility.

thus far, attempts to get it a second season elsewhere have been unsuccessful.

thus far, German officials have identified more than 20 German suicide bombers.

The range on the day thus far was $20.75 to $22.99, with 10 million shares traded.

Speaking of being semi-famous, my dad has been instrumental in my success thus far.

Meanwhile, Monday’s snowfall puts Putnam County at 7.51 inches for winter thus far.

821213 The weather thus far has been delightful and the roads are in fine condition.

thus far about $9,000 has been raised which is short of this year’s goal of $12,000.

thus far, the Greek economy and society have hardly developed in the desired direction.

Still, both outlets are thus far fighting a dismal holiday shopping season for apparel.

That includes iPads, including the new iPad Pro, which has seen almost no discounts thus far.

492787 Mostly I’m glad that this is the worst scar I have — clearly, I’ve been lucky thus far!

Many clever innovations enlivened his act, taking him- thus far– to the show’s semi-final round.

Iginla has 15 points on the season thus far and is still an offensive threat to be reckoned with.

Judging from the time we’ve spent with the Pocket Operator series thus far – mission accomplished.

In boys’ basketball, the Seventh Grade Cougars have thus far posted a 7-2 record off of a 7-0 start.

“Let me be clear regarding the concert for Sandy Hook given much of the erroneous reporting thus far.