thrown throw threw down in a sentence

The boundaries of party are thrown down .

One large stone residence had the entire front thrown down .

The challenge was thrown down about five years ago.

He threw down three or four gold coins.

This is the challenge that is thrown down .

She threw down her knife and fork.

He throws down the shotgun immediately after.

Pingu is annoyed and throws down the bear.

Not only did he throw down arguably.

I continuously pick up litter thrown down by others.

For £ 10 the fishermen threw down a generous sack.

The game runs perfectly fine without me throwing down any money .

She later said she loved the throw down .

Not throwing down rubbish (very often).

Silver and gold throw down on me.

A police helicopter comes by and throws down a rope.

A bleeding Saviour makes men throw down their weapons of rebellion.

They threw down the harbor walls and burned all buildings.