threshold in a sentence

This approach uses 85% identity threshold between pairing sequences.

The previous threshold was 8 lb 8oz.

The crossover spread exceeds the signal threshold .

These thresholds are best estimates for taking control measures.

This damage threshold may vary by state.

This minimum level is called the threshold .

The electoral threshold is set at 5%.

The control chest demonstrated a much lower threshold hence higher sensibility.

The masked threshold was recorded for each bandwidth.

These smaller motor unites are known as low threshold motor units.

The velocity threshold is much lower for weather radar.

This method uses multiple thresholds to find edges.

Hits above the threshold indicate extraordinary performance.

This frequency is called the ” threshold frequency”.

The lead poisoning threshold was last changed in 1991.

That sales threshold is just absurd though .

Her shadow had faded across the threshold .

The thresholds are adjustable for both echoes separately.

She has a very high pain threshold .