three-fold in a sentence

The principal difficulties with vaccine formulations are three-fold .

The process for seeking these less burdensome alternatives is three-fold .

This represents a three-fold increase in child support payments.

The purpose of the workshop was three-fold .

The mandate of the group was three-fold .

The event is three-fold , spanning the whole day.

And so I developed the three-fold farewell.

No, the real solution to this problem is three-fold .

That ‘s about three-fold larger than an adult chimpanzee.

The click-to-buy ratio increased nearly three-fold to 13%.

The strategic aim of the proposed new Mathematics Building is three-fold .

We had a three-fold plan when we came to Argentina.

These include alcoholism and diabetes mellitus ( three-fold increase).

Gustavo Gutiérrez saw liberation as a three-fold process.

This was a three-fold improvement over the average Newcomen design.

Buddhist practice is three-fold : ethical behavior, mind development and intuitive wisdom.

We follow Seiss’ three-fold division of the zodiac.

The UN Secretary General’s concern seems to be three-fold .

The mission of the Utah Foster Care Foundation is three-fold .

All this they say will increase footfall and gate attendance three-fold .

The plot of The Glass Menagerie is a three-fold conflict.

Student enrollment at the Athens campus increased three-fold over the next year.

Most famous is the three-fold symmetric P4S3 used in strike-anywhere matches.

Mind the three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good.

The Christian’s three-fold Ministry through Prayer in the Spirit”.

Circumventing the devil’s plan, Jesus pursues a different three-fold path.

Instead, my message is three-fold .

Similarly in Southeast Asia, US FDI has increased three-fold since 2000.

The number of dogs diagnosed with diabetes mellitus has increased three-fold in thirty years.

The strategic importance of Tennessee at that point in the war was three-fold .

During 1970 to 1973 the amount of trades occurring in the market increased three-fold .

In this role he consolidated Fluor ‘s services business and grew it three-fold .

Its overseas staff has risen three-fold in the past five years, to 75 analysts.

This risk is compared with a three-fold risk in women using older contraceptives containing levonorgestrel.

Christianity is about God and the Being that He is in three-fold Unity.

And the outstanding debt which excludes mortgages has seen a three-fold increase to £40 billion.

The Keepers attended 63 crashes in 2009, which represented a three-fold increase since 2006.

According to the writer’s experiments, the object of this inductance is three-fold .

The problem with WM’s distribution plan, however, seems to be three-fold .

All determinations were done three-fold .