thoroughly in a sentence

All properties are cleaned thoroughly between each let.

The staggering evidence has been thoroughly documented!

Let test areas dry thoroughly before inspection.

Milk has been thoroughly metric since 1980.

The book has since been thoroughly discredited.

The tile based home screen is thoroughly customizable.

These players are thoroughly trained and technically proficient.

Cook food thoroughly to destroy bacterial cells.

All equipment must be dried thoroughly before reuse.

The canvas had been soaked thoroughly in hot pine tar pitch.

Only the expansive kitchen is thoroughly modern.

These thoroughly revised and updated editions reflect current taxonomic knowledge.

thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended event.

Our teenage sons thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

I am thoroughly enjoying browsing through this site.

Be sure water is thoroughly soaking the root ball.

Food must be thoroughly cooked right through.

I am noted for doing things thoroughly .

Her book is fully and thoroughly documented.

Each point was thoroughly discussed before a decision was finalized.