theoretical in a sentence

Previous estimates depended extensively upon theoretical modeling.

This research has produced advanced theoretical breakthroughs directly supporting engineering practice.

There are sound engineering principles providing theoretical background.

The coldest theoretical temperature is called absolute zero.

The theoretical description has three main parts.

The theoretical expectation is thus completely clear cut.

Some interesting applications in theoretical computer science are included.

Even that measurement is built upon theoretical assumptions.

These load and destruction tests are always very theoretical tests.

This program combines theoretical education and practical experience.

A general purpose basic control library for control theoretical computations.

Certain currently popular speculative theoretical ideas suggest that.

The article is entirely abstract and theoretical .

It covers broad theoretical issues and specific topics.

Various research papers with theoretical applications are reviewed.

This risk is no longer merely theoretical .

Three basic theoretical approaches have been emphasized.

Patrol roads within the theoretical search area.

More practical and less theoretical was required.

The theoretical framework foremost leans on user behaviour research.