theologically in a sentence

Philip Lawler, the Boston-based editor of the theologically conservative Catholic World News, said Dolan should step down as grand marshal.

Under the plans, a woman bishop would be able to ordain priests which some opponents say is not only unacceptable but theologically impossible.

It is seen as theologically liberal and has a moderately ‘high’ liturgy.

It was thus as radical politically and philosophically, as it was theologically.

Conditional preservation clearly contradicts this belief, both theologically and practically.

This approach is very significant in Christianity and widespread in Judaism (although less popular theologically).

Trystin studies the Book of Toren, the rev holy book, and produces a theologically sound means to divert the holy war.

Today, the Indian Orthodox Church is theologically and traditional a part of the Oriental Orthodox Communion of Churches.

The followers of Caitanya claim a link to Madhva, though such a link is not historically tenable or theologically plausible.

In other words, “the very opposite of the God of the Bible”, which is, theologically speaking “the devil disguised as Almighty God.”