the subject of in a sentence

The subject of juvenile justice breeds extreme responses.

The subject of emptiness is very profound.

Stonehenge was the subject of unpleasant exchanges.

the subject of sugar has been debated for decades.

Travel was the subject of seven posts.

However nostalgia is always the subject of ambivalent critique.

His prophetic office is the subject of solemn promise.

It has simply been made the subject of reconnaissance.

The canals are the subject of active restoration projects.

This has recently been the subject of judicial review proceedings.

This article was the subject of lengthy discussion.

Lenin was the subject of several movies.

the subject of genetic engineering should never be taken lightly.

Several retired bureaucrats became the subject of inquiries.

Many hotels are the subject of cost segregation studies.

His true motives remain the subject of speculation.

It was the subject of vigorous debate.

The game has been the subject of several research papers.