Testimonial in a sentence

Definition of Testimonial

a written formal recommendation or  statement about a person’s character and abilities

an activity to raise money for a reason

Use Testimonial in a sentence

In an online testimonial posted on YouTube, he clarifies the accusations against himself.

After his testimonial there was nothing more to say.

The sales rose after the testimonial of the famous actor on the new product.

The marketing campaign should include testimonials by famous celebrities who use the product.

She also has a lengthy testimonial about why she wants to bring major rock shows here.

Middlesbrough midfielder Gary Hamilton is to have a testimonial match in recognition of ten years’ service.

A testimonial dinner (to thank)  was given for the teacher who was retiring.

As I was so happy with the product, I wrote a  testimonial on the website of the company.

This information is contained in another, much longer testimonial dated 5 March 1829.