Terse in a sentence

Use Terse in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] concise; to the point (usually showing annoyance);

Smartphone users tend to prefer terse e-mail messages.

Is Twitter too terse for such subjects?

She was both saddened and angered by his terse answer.

He issued a terse statement to the press, indicating that he was” ready to assume the powers of the Republic”.

He expressed himself in a terse and vigorous style.

All we have seen are terse announcements from Washington and New Delhi on Friday.

The English are portrayed as “terse and taciturn, linked to embarrassment and timidity of northern Man”.

In a terse statement after the meeting , Governor Obi who spoke on behalf of the governors present said: “We considered how the two zones will work together economically in the area of infrastructure.

The news was released in a terse, two-line statement on the club’s website, a far cry from the fanfare of Moyes’ hiring last summer.

Putin’s terse rejoinder was “that’s impossible because we are not there,” the Russian leader’s spokesman later told Canadian journalists.