Tenuous in a sentence

Use Tenuous in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] uncertain, weak, or likely to change;

For the time being, my travel plans are tenuous due to over workload.

The link between Tom and his roommate is rather tenuous. He may leave the room soon.

The correlation between growth and employment is very tenuous during ongoing transformation.

A tenuous confidence was built between Sandra and me.

Egypt ‘s tenuous steps toward democratic governance are stumbling – badly.

Any connection between oral cancer and mouthwash is tenuous without further investigation.

I reminded her again of the tenuous nature of her current employment.

The probe will also explore why Pluto’s tenuous atmosphere is leaking into space.

We’ve now entered a very tenuous moment in the relationship between both countries.

” The Wall Street Journal ” says President Obama’s tenuous foreign policy may have actually fueled today’s international conflict.