tentatively in a sentence

Every single research can be accepted only tentatively, due to the inherent limitations in the process.

The strike was tentatively called off on Monday because the union and management have supposedly made a deal.

The dentist has tentatively scheduled an appointment for you for next week.

Please let us know if there is a conflict.

Let’s set the meeting tentatively for Thursday at 3:00, and then we’ll confirm once we’ve both had a chance to check our schedules.

Gerry and Anne have tentatively made plans to visit Sophie in Kamloops next July.

Everything depends on Gerry getting time off work.

Yakeleya’s film is tentatively called UFOs, Aliens and First Nations.

County leaders have tentatively agreed to expand the jail by 32 beds.

Police have tentatively ruled out gunshots, drugs or suicide in the death.

The weekend is tentatively showing a pair of highs at 1 C with a mix of sun and cloud.

He said the next millage try is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 12 due to time constraints.

That project, tentatively set to begin in 2017, will be located adjacent to the convention centre.

Afitti can tentatively be defined as an agglutinative SOV language with postpositions.