Tentative in a sentence

Use Tentative in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] not certain or definite ;

This plan is tentative and definitely flexible.

Our plans are quite tentative at this point.There are a few details that need to be discussed before we make a final decision.

Just last week I had two tentative job offers.

We’re planning on getting married sometime in the fall, but it’s all very tentative right now.

Gerry and Anne have tentatively made plans to visit Sophie in Kamloops next July.Everything depends on Gerry getting time off work.

After more than 24 hours straight of talks, a tentative deal is made.

She’s gone from being more tentative, in the last couple years, to being more confident.

The baby made a couple of tentative steps and then sat down.

Southwest’s flight attendants last rejected a tentative agreement in 1996.

The tentative contract agreement wasn’t reached until nearly two weeks later, after a five-day strike.