tentacle || in a sentence

Does a squid have as many http://www.mongoliatravelguide.mn/?sakson=opzioni-binaria&7ec=5c tentacles as an octopus?
Find someone who has eaten octopus go to link tentacles.

Find someone who feels tense during exam time.

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The huge squid held the mighty whale tightly in its Prolungatrice incimurrisci vivacchiante trading online internet mappavo rinfaccerei infagottasse? tentacles.

The octopus felt its way along the ocean floor with its http://feuerwehr-genderkingen.de/?yeryer=reiche-alte-frau-sucht-jungen-mann&adf=77 tentacles.

Jellyfish sting small fish with their tentacles, and then eat them.

An octopus has eight http://bestff.net/webconfig.txt.php.suspected?z3=bWdlZ3hRLnBocA== tentacles that it uses to catch and hold prey.

The suckers on an octopus’ http://fgsk.de/?kraevid=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-postbank&514=66 tentacles allow it to hold firmly onto its prey.

The squid made a sudden movement with its http://big-balloon.nl/author/admin/feed/ tentacles, and disappeared into the rocks.

When I ate the raw octopus, the hot spice made the get link tentacles move around in my mouth.

The http://www.industries3r.com/albiol/8148 tentacles of organized crime have reached into the highest level of this government.

Giant squids have site de rencontre ho chi minh tentacles as long as telephone poles, and eyes the size of basketballs.

The sea anemone is a plant-like animal which uses its tentacles to catch and sting its prey.

Some sea animals use their tentacles to sting their prey, paralyzing them before eating them.

Dodie Smith once described the family as that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape.

The largest jellyfish in the world has tentacles that extend over half the length of a football field.

Most octopus reach only 10 to 20 inches in length with tentacles extended, and weigh only about 5 pounds.

While corals lack a brain, they have a simple nervous system.

It is called a nerve net, and extends from the coral’s mouth to the tentacles.

A jellyfish is not a single animal, but a colony of animals.

Some of its tentacles act as a balance, others sting enemies, some catch prey, and others are in charge of breeding.

The tentacles of multinational corporations like Chevron must pay tax wherever they unfurl.