Tenacious in a sentence

Use Tenacious in a sentence

Tenacious ;

Meaning: [adjective]stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose ;

You ought to be brave, tenacious, she says, “because success doesn’t come overnight.”

Milner is regarded as being a tenacious footballer, never accepting losing.

Even brushing doesn’t remove this tenacious bacteria.

He was an impassioned and tenacious debater, even if no-one else shared his views.

They are tenacious , strong, and mindless combatants.

The commander believes in fostering determined and tenacious fighters who don’t give up.

He excelled in his studies through his ambition and tenacious memory.

Senator Black gained a reputation as a tenacious investigator.

She was a tenacious worker and always supplied excellent information on searches.

Now it’s become a tenacious mosquito buzzing at my subconscious.