Television in a sentence

Recent innovations in video technology, such as DVDs, have resulted in a much higher quality of picture on the home Television screen.

The local Television station broadcast a dramatization of the crime in an attempt to find witnesses.

You children need to find something to occupy your time instead of sitting around watching Television all day.

Whenever my son watches violent Television programs he becomes quite aggressive.

The popular movie actress has joined the cast of a dramatic Television series.

Kids from urban areas don’t really seem to know what to do with themselves when they are alone, unless they have a Television or something to distract them.

Actress Drew Barrymore made her screen debut in a Television commercial for dog food at the age of 11 months.

I don’t care for Television very much.

I can’t dispense with watching Television.

Television signals cross our continent by relay towers.

The young child was imitating the wrestlers on Television when he accidentally broke his friend’s arm.

Find someone who likes Television commercials.

Television has tried to add glamor to the world of sports by doing profiles on the athletes.

Sue is planning to study journalism, and hopes to become a Television news reporter.

He is tired of watching Television.

He doesn’t watch Television at all.

He held off paying for the Television set until the dealer fixed it.

I don’t think Television will take the place of books.

I want to see baseball on Television this evening.

The room is furnished with a desk and chair, a bed, a Television and a small couch.

Sitting in front of the Television, he had a totally blank expression on his face.