Tedium in a sentence

Use Tedium in a sentence

Tedium ;

Meaning: [noun] boredom;the feeling of being bored;

Tedium was severe, with two crewmen briefly going mad with boredom.

Instead of sincere laughs, these characters mostly provide noise and tedium.

One of the main burdens of camp life for officers was tedium.

Work often fatigues me, but tedium kills me outright.

The character who refuses to work is oppressed by the tedium of life and seeks distraction in useless pastimes.

He varied the beats to ease the tedium of patrol duty and attempted to improve the educational standard of new recruits.

Informal wars in a workplace are a cheap and exciting relief from daily tedium, and an interesting method to build sincerity.

This relieved tedium and improved the timing of the film’s actions.

Such free time activities remove the tedium and fatigue emanated from the monotonous scheduled work.

For Metternich, however, the tedium and homesickness only increased.