Tedious in a sentence

use Tedious in a sentence


[adjective] boring, seeming to continue for a long time, (a speaker) using too many words;

The work became boring and tedious at times, and very often tiring.

It was the most tedious work I’d ever done.

The gold is generally found in minute particles at the bottom of a rush from the hills, or in a bed of the burns by careful and tedious washing.

It takes a lot of research, which most people would find tedious.

With more and more people registering domains everyday the search can only get longer & more tedious!

His pages are extremely long though, and tedious to download and scroll through.

Indeed, calculating them is usually tedious and are best left to be done by a machine.

I have had a long, tedious, yet fulfilling journey.

I find it very tedious to keep having to go through such housekeeping activities time and time again