technical assistance in a sentence

It is considered bilateral and multilateral technical assistance .

Minnesota was offering workshops and technical assistance statewide.

The commission provides technical assistance and education where possible.

External partners provide investment finance and technical assistance .

It supports sector reforms through technical assistance and lending operation.

The heavy dependence on foreign technical assistance has had many disadvantages.

Foreign technical assistance has also been important.

USAID delivers both technical assistance and financial assistance.

Provide training and technical assistance to community organizations.

His services include technical assistance and advice on investigative practices.

technical assistance to establishment of certification systems through technical resource networks.

CAS also nationally provides technical assistance to community schools.

This project supports municipalities with investments and technical assistance .

Seventeen regional offices provide technical assistance to country offices as needed.

technical assistance by phone is available via a toll free number.

Free call technical assistance is also available for expert guidance.

Great app and technical assistance on crashes !

technical assistance is planned according to the scores.

Offer advice and technical assistance to operators.

The Guide includes both technical assistance and grant programs.

The contracts are preceded by one-year technical assistance contracts.

WestEd operates several federal research and technical assistance centers.

There was a desperate need for technical assistance and discretionary money.

It also provides training and technical assistance for child care providers.

It will need a lot of technical assistance .