teammate in a sentence

Danny helps Daniel finish and then each helps another teammate.

Pass :A pass is to transfer a ball to a teammate by throwing it.

Moore was joined on the preseason squad by teammate Tina Charles.

They had to unwind and free their teammate from the sarcoughagus.

Whenever one person drinks, his or her teammate must drink as well.

;Gordo :This Blader was chosen by Zagart to be the teammate for Zeo.

Vic’s brother Bob Barnhart was also a teammate on the 1941 London Pirates.

In one interview, teammate Bridget Sloan stated, “We’ve all made mistakes.

Hinrich joined teammate Ben Wallace on the 06-07 All Defensive second team.

Further, Vettel’s teammate Sébastien Bourdais suffered a crash at turn five.

He was further criticized and cursed by his partner for being a bad teammate.

Johnson’s win closes his deficit to teammate Gordon in the Chase to 53 points.

On lap 32 Ana Beatriz passed teammate polesitter James Davison to take the lead.

Bernie announces that he would grant the immunity he won to his teammate Brittany.

Kubica was in fourth, on 24 points, followed by his teammate Heidfeld on 20 points.

He then faced teammate Chen Jin in the semi-finals and beat him handily in two sets.

He subsequently admitted his doping, and named teammate Matteo Priamo as his supplier.

She is initially attracted to her teammate Radius but he purposely rejects her advances.

However on lap 21, teammate Casey Mears went up into the wall due to water on the track.

In 1940, Lombardi married Marie Planitz, a cousin of another Fordham teammate, Jim Lawlor.