tax increase in a sentence

Most Japanese opposed a tax increase.

He clinched the election when he came out against a tax increase.

The government’s tax increase will put a sizeable dent in the average worker’s paycheck.

The tax increase will be cushioned by a subsidy to industries that expand their workforce.

Peg Bracken once asked, “Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200, and a substantial tax cut save you 30 cents?”
According to the mayor, the residents of the city can expect a property tax increase of 2.

9% this year.

The government reckons the tax increase will bring in well over five million pounds in revenue within the first year.

The government now has to convince skeptics that its plan to increase funding for daycare will not result in a tax increase.

The government sent out the military to stop rioting which had broken out during a demonstration against the new tax increase.

The government seems determined to remain mute about the issue of a tax increase in the last few days leading up to the election.

The dividend tax increase is true, though the percentage was inflated.

She’d previously promised to veto any infrastructure plan with a gas tax increase.

454451 Last year, it passed a budget that did and included a tax increase for high earners.