tax cut in a sentence

We must look to the government for a tax cut.

Candidates traded blows over the proposed tax cut.

The President’s advisor suggested the remedy for the economic problems is a tax cut.

Peg Bracken once asked, “Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200, and a substantial tax cut save you 30 cents?”
The supposed rationale of this government’s tax cut is that more money in people’s pockets will help to stimulate the economy.

Nearly 51% of middle class filers with kids would receive a tax cut.

The Paul campaign is calling it the “largest tax cut in American history.”

Even some conservatives expressed concerns after Bush released his proposed tax cut last week.

511042 No, it was passed through legislative trickery, by pairing the act with a tax cut bill.

Similarly, the State Council – China’s cabinet – broadened a corporate tax cut earlier last week.

This move will deliver a tax cut of AU$1.8 billion over the next four years, the government said.

It noted that Japan cut corporate taxes last year and has another corporate tax cut on its agenda.

It’s a fallacious notion to say, ‘Oh, rich people get more money back in a tax cut,’ Paul responded.

They would take home one-third of the tax cut proposed by Trump, excluding the estate tax elimination.