Tawdry in a sentence

Use Tawdry in a sentence

Tawdry ;

Meaning: [adjective] badly made, with low quality or moral standards ;

The new logo looks barren and tawdry .

It is a tawdry house in a bad part of town.

In fact, the whole tawdry tale is fairly simple.

The film is disturbing and tawdry, hard to watch but tough to shake.

Tawdry ornaments  disgraced the sanctity of the place.

Her own light-heartedness made her feel tawdry .

After ten years apart, three disparate people come together in a tawdry motel lodge to play out the unresolved drama of their final days in high school.

White Castle, the nation’s first hamburger chain, worked hard in the 1920s to dispel the hamburger’s tawdry image.