tautologically tautological in sentence

1 A related claim is that natural selection is tautological .
2 The years can yet finish unit nations to tautological histories.
3 The potential for a tautological argument is very great here.
4 You are left with a tautological absurdity.
5 That sounds remarkably tautological but isn’t.
6 Furthermore, the distinction between faith and trust is tautological .
7 There is something tautological about the court’s reasoning here.
8 See the List of tautological place names for many more examples.
9 The proposition that professional development assumes a concept of professionalism appears tautological .
10 This is an inane tautological statement that conveys no useful information.
11 That statement is tautological to the point of uselessness.
12 Instead muslim and cost contraceptive funds are multiple at the tautological cannabis.
13 I do not believe this makes it tautological , just incomplete.
14 However, building a substantive argument based on a tautological foundation is problematic.
15 If this seems tautological , perhaps it is, in the logical sense.
16 The last symptom may seem tautological , but in effect it is self-reinforcing.
17 Conventional mathematical logic consists of tautological formulae, signalled by a prefixed turnstile.
Under the assumptions above, any market equilibrium is tautologically efficient.

In chapter 4 (Idealism) he highlights Berkeley’s tautological premise for advancing idealism.