tasteless in a sentence

Did you see that couple in matching outfits just now? How tasteless!
Foreign rice is hard and tasteless, and doesn’t appeal to the Japanese palate.

Chahrour says that the Muhammad caricatures were tasteless and insulting.

I am sorry that this tasteless joke about a fictional character offended anyone.”

If your image of tofu is bland blocks of tasteless white protein, you haven’t eaten it in Kyoto.

Big agribusiness growing tasteless carbon copy products for mass consumption overseas?

How To Enjoy: It’s virtually tasteless in fruit smoothies, says Ward, if you’re not a big fan of kale but want its nutritional benefits.

This is a family photo that was taken out of context in a totally inaccurate and tasteless way, said his statement on behalf of the family.

On Facebook, Alison Bucalo, a mom of two boys in Ridgewood, New Jersey, said she would never let her little guys wear something “so tasteless.”

That’s now completely out of bounds, I would argue, because it’s irrelevant and it would be seen as tasteless for a guy who’s suffering from cancer.

White House has talked with Samsung about Obama-Ortiz selfie Colin Powell takes on Ellen with awesome selfie The Obama selfie: Harmless or tasteless?

He often uses tasteless jokes that no one usually finds amusing.

Twiztid also began working on the re-release of Mostasteless for Island Records.