Tangible in a sentence

Use Tangible  in a sentence

Tangible ;

Meaning: [adjective] can be touched or felt; clear enough to be noticed ;

But the meeting ended without signs of tangible progress.

The discussion between the partners has produced no tangible results.

As always, Carroll managed to make the metaphysical seem tangible.

As such, this represents an encouraging and tangible step forward.

The energy of the editorial team is tangible page after page.

Civil society activists appear to offer the best hope of tangible change.

We have no tangible evidence of Tom’s guilt.

But some Egyptians say they have yet to feel tangible improvements to their standard of living.

But you need to continue showing in tangible ways that you are actually committed to it,” he said.

Caring about climate change is an opportunity to express our beliefs in a tangible, authentic way.

But his most rewarding work, he says, has involved creating tangible things that people can touch and feel.