talisman in a sentence

This stunning cure is carefully tied together as a love talisman .

The portal is destroyed and the talismans become scattered.

talisman Ring books are the very best romance.

An SOS talisman is obtainable at many chemists.

Anna was regarded as a golden talisman .

I have worn my talisman almost every day since returning.

talismans were used or offered to patients to prevent sickness.

This motif was used as a talisman to prevent fires.

This talisman provides blessing of wealth, health and happiness.

Collect unique talismans with special powers as you progress.

That photograph was a veritable talisman on our trip.

Her talisman tells her that strangers have arrived.

They are generally intended for use as talismans .

It is a talisman to the man.

Surely The talisman deserves a better chance.

Each building becomes a talisman , capable of transforming the world.

None of these systems ever shipped and talisman was quietly killed.

Haley recovered the talisman while trying to recover Roy’s corpse.

Honey is frequently used as a talisman and symbol of sweetness.

The guys took a break from talisman for 3 years.

Unfortunately talisman was not able to tour supporting the album.

The talisman , with its brown board cover eaten away.

Garrett recovers the talismans and returns to the cathedral.

Year after year, same story, different talisman .

Their wings were once used as talismans to protect travellers from exhaustion .