take the job in a sentence

He took the job for the sake of his career but he didn’t like it.

I took the job without giving it much thought.

He took the job reluctantly.

Take the job and approach it as part of your education, one of the building blocks of your character.

Jamie decides not to take the job in Chicago to attend medical school.

O’Malley is eager to take the job as he needs to leave town rather urgently himself.

That seems more than a little far-fetched to me. 4. Who else would take the job under these circumstances?

Seems as though the only qualifications needed to be an ACO is a willingness to take the job and the ability to swing a club.

Here’s how to spot a bad boss – before you take the job The Architecture of the Pacific Northwest The door is closed, but it’s not locked.

“We had somebody apply for a job last week and got here for the interview and said they wouldn’t take the job because they had to drive the roads.”

“I take the job description of ‘entertainer’ very seriously!

Within two days, Ondetti decided to take the job in New Jersey for $7800 a year.