Tactic in a sentence

Definition of Tactic

a method to achieve

Use Tactic in a sentence

The coach will need to change his team’s tactics if they hope to win the next game.

The Romans’ superiority of discipline and tactics assured them victory over their enemy.

The student was using delaying tactics to avoid having to give his class presentation.

They moved the troops back in a sudden change of tactics.

The aide suggested a change in tactics to him.

The trial lawyers couldn’t get past the Mafia leader’s stonewalling tactics.

Guerrilla tactics generally involve flexible attack operations and various terrorist methods.

Wolves use quite sophisticated tactics in hunting down large animals, such as moose or caribou.

Their sales tactics are quite aggressive, and can really turn people off.

The public has reacted quite negatively to the childish tactics of the Opposition.

During the war in Bosnia, Muslim women were being raped as a deliberate tactic to humiliate and traumatize them.