synthesizer in a sentence

Norlander also performs a synthesizer solo and Arjen Lucassen provides a guitar solo.

This technique is usually referred to as a fractional-N synthesizer or fractional-N PLL.

The synthesizer used a variant of linear predictive coding and had a small in-built vocabulary.

Revenant features vintage synthesizer, raw guitar tone, a huge drum kit, and more intimate lyrics.

The CZ series were a family of low-cost Phase distortion synthesizers produced by Casio mid-1980s.

The company offered a new synthesizer to the customer who could come up with a name for the project.

The decoder applies these (amplitude) control signals to corresponding filters in the (re)synthesizer.

In the early 1980s, Belew was notable for owning and using a rare Roland GR505 fretless guitar synthesizer.

Am.) (custom graphic & synthesizer chipset, best-selling computer model of all time: ~ 30 million sold) * Jan.

Also that year, a synthesizer performed by Andy Mitran as “Professor Andy” replaced the three-piece Big Top Band.

Like many early digital synthesizers, its sound was regarded as “thinner” than the sound of an analog synthesizer.

Synclavier The Synclavier System was an early digital synthesizer and sampler, manufactured by New England Digital.

The album is characterized by post-punk influenced guitars, dark synthesizers and Healy’s deep, gothic baritone vocals.

The PS2’s Graphics synthesizer has fast dedicated video memory, though it is limited in the amount of data it can hold.

Some instruments – most notably the Moog synthesizer and the Mellotron – have become closely associated with the genre.

He also played rhythm and acoustic guitars on several albums as well as occasional keyboards, synthesizer and programming.

Re-amping can also be applied to other instruments and program, such as recorded drums, synthesizers, and virtual instruments.

The song’s use of electronic sounds was revolutionary and popularized synthesizers in dance, rock, and the burgeoning new wave.

The DirectMusic kernel mode synthesizer that supplies the DirectMusic components with a high-resolution timer has been removed.