Syntax in a sentence

Use Syntax in a sentence

Syntax ;

Meaning: [noun] the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences; the way the code is arranged in computer languages;

You have many syntax problems in your essay.

For developers, the PHP syntax has been streamlined for easier usability.

Her voice is breathier, girlier now; her syntax is childish.

Since Java is based on simplified C language syntax, students with C programming experience can compete for a broad range of jobs.

They carefully follow every word of the Latin text, as well as the Latin syntax, where possible.

She was nervous. She was shifty. Her syntax was incomprehensible.

Slight changes have been made in order to clarify the grammar and syntax of the transcription.

Novice musicians also need a strong aural image of the musical syntax associated with the genre of music they are playing.

Patiently he taught me Yiddish grammar, syntax, vocabulary.

The headline of this story is presented in confusing syntax.