syndication in a sentence

I repeatedly hammer home themes about the importance of content syndication and using an editorial calendar but, this may not be enough.

It generates revenues primarily via advertising on its website and through the syndication of its hourlong TV show, “TMZ Live,” which airs on Fox.

The show continues to run in syndication.

The series was sold to NBC Films for syndication.

The rest of the MWS episodes would premiere in syndication.

The pilot was titled Backlash of the Hunter for syndication.

syndication can take the form of either weekly or daily syndication.

It was then pitched for the first run syndication market, and did sell.

His expensive syndication deal, perhaps, raised unrealistic expectations.

The show is still broadcast in syndication on various television stations.

The program aired from 1952 until 1988, first in syndication and then on NBC.

These sixteen half hour segments have been less commonly reaired in syndication.

There currently are no programs syndicated as a part of Air America syndication.

The episode was kept out of syndication for three years after its initial airing.

A total of 150 episodes were produced (100 for ABC, and 50 for First-run syndication).

The funds generated through the syndication vary from market to market and year-to-year.

The full length title sequence was also used again when “Avalon” aired in US syndication.

Most of these segments were cut in syndication, but have been restored for the DVD releases.

In syndication, the top prize was $75,000, but in its second season that was raised to $100,000.

This is an unusual role reversal in NBC and USA’s shared or second window syndication arrangement.

In a few markets the show actually had far higher ratings in syndication than during the network run.

The Technicolor (1965-70) episodes were shown in syndication for many years after the show’s cancellation.

Knight Rider was distributed outside the United States and continues in syndication in various countries today.

40296 In all other areas in first-run and repeats as well as in syndication, only the replaced sequence was used.

Goodson-Todman struck a deal with CBS’ syndication arm (now Viacom) to syndicate a new weekday videotaped edition.

The episode earned low Nielsen household and syndication ratings when compared to other episodes during the season.

The Winner’s Board The shopping format was discontinued in October 1984 on NBC and in November 1985 in syndication.

Development of Atom (2003) As of 2003, the primary method of web content syndication was the RSS family of formats.

The series is now in syndication and reruns are currently broadcast in the US on the Spike and TV Land cable networks.

He was supposed to receive $25,000 per episode that ran in syndication, but Universal charged him “distribution fees”.

The episode earned mediocre Nielsen household and syndication ratings when compared to other episodes during the season.