symmetrical in a sentence

In the interior it has the rooms arranged symmetrical.

The dashboard switches also lost their symmetrical layout.

The palace consists of a symmetrical layout of towers and halls.

However, coax is not symmetrical and thus not a balanced feeder.

In many of Tibullus’s poems a symmetrical composition can be traced.

They range from thinner flat-bottomed style, to a symmetrical lens shape.

The resultant facades were in his usual restrained and symmetrical style.

Whenever a deity is depicted alone a symmetrical composition is more common.

Prior to 1977, it was rebuilt and given a boxy, more symmetrical appearance.

Place the foci on the major axis, symmetrically, at distance L/2 from the center.

The lance-bearer and sponge-bearer are placed symmetrically on either side of Christ.

symmetrically, the origin of the -chart plays the role of with respect to the -chart.

In Europe, the most common is the symmetrical raft steered with a paddle at the stern.

A good field is symmetrical and offers many routes to the flag, for balance and variety.

These were “bifacial projectile points with carefully shaped tips and symmetrical bodies.”

Numerous flower beds symmetrically shaped and containing hundreds of plants can be discovered.

Later straights and cursives attained balance and letters became more symmetrical and roundish.

Sudoku with square NxN regions are more symmetrical than immediately obvious from the One Rule.

The building is very symmetrical and can be described as a box with a horseshoe attached to it.

As a result it is one of the few Kirkbride hospitals to have been built with asymmetrical wings.