sweeping across in a sentence

Pet obesity is an epidemic sweeping across industrialized countries.

That message is sweeping across the country.

A wave of movement was sweeping across the forest.

Whether record droughts sweeping across America or .

Is a BJP wave sweeping across India ?

Workplace stress is sweeping across industry.

A nation-wide flu outbreak is sweeping across the United States .

The cult grew and built up momentum, sweeping across the eastern Cape.

The nictitating membrane keeps the cornea moist and clean by sweeping across the eye.

Even the wipers sweeping across a snowy windshield have the sound of aged authenticity.

Also in the news , there is a nasty winter storm sweeping across the country.

It initially appeared that Ceaușescu would weather the wave of revolution sweeping across eastern Europe.

So far, constitutional quandaries haven’t stopped the laws from sweeping across the country.

A political forecast indicates that a political storm of distrust of government is sweeping across America.

A blue light sweeping across the almost empty bar caught the young face occasionally in strange shadows.

Pinckney attributed this to the radical fitness movement that was sweeping across the United States.

Radio reports explain that a state of mass murder is sweeping across the eastern United States.

In contrast, cylindrical whiskers stick and remain stuck, even when sweeping across fine textures.