sustainability in a sentence

We have to do whatever it takes to create that future sustainability.

956725 You can build robots to do the science and help in sustainability.’

“This makes a small change, but a big impact for sustainability,” he said.

The new generation is more concerned with comfort, security and sustainability.

He shares the award with the Stockholm sustainability scientist Johan Rockström.

The most important thing to consider, when assembling a new diet, is sustainability.

When we talk about health care system sustainability, we need to address inequities.

836896 They very appropriately address a critical issue of our time: sustainability.

According to Collomb, however, sustainability is only a portion of the overall goal.

You could see a clear focus in both bids on sustainability and affordability, he said.

The concept of sustainability has been gaining increasing significance across the world.

Other things equal, such behavior deteriorates a country’s fiscal sustainability profile.

She will submit a report to Charlottetown’s sustainability office by the end of December.

It’s definitely a tour worth taking if you’re interested in sustainability or green design.

“Grenada is well advanced in its ambitious fiscal adjustment and in restoring debt sustainability.

Hopefully, this push toward sustainability will not be thrown off course by the acquisition process.

401519 It means certainly also that debt sustainability issue is going to be a part of negotiations.”

The sustainability of Family Farms is achieved through the unique functions of Agritourism .

Access to markets is also an important way of ensuring the sustainability of agroforestry schemes .