Surcease: in a sentence

Definition of Surcease

cause to cease, stop,  halt ; interval

Use Surcease in a sentence

Garbage collection will be surceased due to a strike by outside workers.

We come home hoping to receive surcease from the tensions and pressures of the work day.

It is simply not feasible to begin peace talks until the current hostilities are brought to a surcease.

Production of the new toy was surceased when it was discovered that the toy could easily break, and injure a child.

Meantime, it seems the Master is finding some surcease from his furies.

In order to surcease my sorrow I decided to move to a new house.

A new job gave no surcease to the wretched life she still lived in.

Can we find a surcease from the troubles which so much disturb us at the present time?

Alone there and friendless, with the grisly sobbing of his violin to lift the lost years from his soul and give him surcease.